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Capturing Humanity: A Camera Man's Perspective on Denver's Streets

Venturing into the heart of Denver as a cameraman, documenting the lives of the homeless, is a profound journey into the human experience. Christ’s Body Ministries (CBM) gives me that chance every week to not just view the current state of our city through the internet or on TV, but live, up-close and person. Armed with my camera, I navigate through the bustling streets and quieter corners, seeking to capture moments that tell stories of resilience, struggle, and hope. From Colfax to I-70, from Havana to Pecos, there’s a secret and hidden world waiting to be discovered that lies below the top layers of our society.

Unveiling Untold Stories
Each day brings a tapestry of narratives waiting to be unveiled. Behind every weathered face and worn-out blanket lies a story of hardship and perseverance. As I frame my shots and adjust the focus, I strive to capture the essence of their humanity—the laughter amidst adversity, the camaraderie in CBM’s kitchens, and the moments of solitude beneath overpasses.

Bridging Empathy through Lens
Being a cameraman on Denver’s streets isn’t just about capturing still and moving images; it’s about bridging empathy through the lens. The camera becomes a tool for advocacy, shedding light on societal issues often overlooked. Through my work, I aim to provoke thought, stir emotions, and ignite conversations that challenge perceptions and inspire action.

Challenges and Ethical Considerations
Navigating the ethical terrain of filming the homeless presents challenges. Respect and sensitivity guide every interaction and every frame captured. It’s crucial to maintain dignity and consent, ensuring that each story shared is done so with utmost respect for privacy and personal boundaries. I let everyone know immediately I won’t be taking photos of their faces unless they consent. And if they ever do see their face online because of me, I tell them they know where to find me to beat me up. This always gets a small laugh.

Impact and Reflection
Reflecting on my role as a cameraman, I am reminded daily of the profound impact storytelling can have. From raising awareness about the work CBM does, from homelessness to advocating for policy change, each image serves as a catalyst for empathy and understanding. Through my lens, I hope to amplify voices often silenced and shine a spotlight on the resilience and strength that define the human spirit, even in the face of adversity. Documenting the homeless in Denver isn’t just another job—it’s a privilege and a responsibility. With each click of the shutter, I am reminded of the power of storytelling to connect us all, weaving together the fabric of our shared humanity. If you feel touched form reading this article, please kindly consider donating directly to Christ’s Body.

Thanks for reading. ~L

Luke Bodley

For many years, Luke created and directed one of the largest music & arts festivals in Colorado. Apart from the festival, Luke ran a marketing and communications agency, was also the CMO for a social tech company and also helped build and manage the corporate marketing department of one the country’s largest environmental non-profits. Now he is focusing his skillset on bringing the work of Christ's Body Ministries to the forefront of Colorado.

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